Brominated Soybean Oil

So yeah,

I’m still hanging out in New York City, and it’s chill as fuck.  I’m even cooler now that I wear a visor upside down and backwards, and I’m rocking out in my new pair of Sperrys.  I’ve been watching that crazy shit in Egypt unfold and it is totally cool.  I really wish I could be there, because I am such an important celebrity.  I’m even more important than that exec from Gogol.  If I saw him, I would totally say “move over bro, I can walk like an Egyptian!”  What I really want to do is play lax with Mohammad ElBaradei.  My flow is better than his, because he is like totally bald, but we would totally win and we would bump fists every time we score.  Afterward we would pound a case of natties and get dome from some slam piece.  We would totally bump fists when we got dome.  All that would be left is for our slam piece to make us sandwiches, which we would eat while watching Shark Week!  During the commercials, I’d pound my slam piece until the condom broke.  Afterword, I would take her to Walgreens for the Morning After Pill.  I’d in the spot designated for “Expecting Mothers.”  She’d cry and then make me a sandwich.


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