I’m all about Bella Sara

So yeah,

I’m totally into this card game called Bella Sara.  It’s not like those card games that dweebs play like Magic: The Gathering, Illuminati, or stud poker.  It’s totally cool, because it’s noncompetitave and all zen-like.  It has these inspirational messages like “You can climb huge mountains if you choose your paths wisely,” or “Start each day with a happy thought.”  It even has really cool esoteric messages like “Do not back up, severe tire damage” and “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work!”  I totally log onto the website, where I can groom my horse and pimp it out with ribbons and bows n’ shit.  I can make my horse the pretty princess that I’ve always wanted.  It’s cool, because it’s a real virtual horse, and not a pony, because ponies are for facists.

I like it, because I can play challenging horsey games like “Magic Bubble Wand” and “Cloud Jumper,” and if I do good enough, I can earn awards and horseshoes, which is what they use for cash in the Bella Sara world.  The website says it’s for pre-teen girls, but I don’t see what the problem is.  It’s totally cool, and sophisticated Vassar-bound intellectuals like me can totally benefit from exploring its complex worlds.  That, and I can earn horseshoes so I can buy items for my cottage, like animals, furniture, decorations, “wonders” toys, and even extra rooms.  I don’t have any toys anymore, because my ex girlfriend melted a bunch that wern’t dishwasher safe.  She said she destroyed them because all those brainless dildos lying around reminded her of me.

So yeah, I’m a leet gamer these days, and I’m so cutting edge, you wouldn’t understand how smart I are.


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