About the Author

Umm, yeah, I’m a slacker living in NYC, and I spend my time writing intelligent submissions for the top blogs on the internet, looking for new friends and kind bud.  I’m also between other jobs, but I’m holding out, because I don’t want to be a little worker bee, and most of the things are beneath someone of my expansive intellect.  That, and Jeff at Yogurt Nook is totally fascist, and a complete dick.  So, yeah, I like smooth jazz and reading Kafka when I’m not at the coffee shop with my laptop blogging.

I’m also all about anarchy, because I think that the whole corporate-controlled media thing is not cool.  Yeah, they tell us what to buy and how to think, and I’m not all about that.  I’m such a free thinker, most people wouldn’t understand.  That’s why I only drink coffee at Seattle Coffee Co, because Starbucks is owned by the man, and they’re all facists, because they won’t let me use their bathroom without a beverage purchase.  Dude, that is so not cool, the potty should be for everyone.

So yeah, I’m going to go hang out and stuff, so, uh, later.