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So yeah,

I’ve haven’t posted lately, because I’ve been really busy with my work.  And by work I mean masturbating vigorously and watching the movie Ferngully.  Sometimes both at once, but I digress.  I’ve had the melancholy of a Tennessee Williams play ever since my publisher told me he didn’t want to print my book.  It’s a novel filled with biting images that assault the senses, unmasking both reader and poet alike in a macabre dance of despair. I, being one of the foremost poets of anarchy and rebellion, am offended that they did not take my publication seriously. The editor called me a plagiarist just because the novel is based on the characters in “Hi and Lois” and their erotic encounters as they travel from St. Paul, Minnesota to Lincoln, Nebraska. What an ass-wipe!

But, dude, he didn’t stop there. He hit me with a rolled up newspaper and now I have a Mary Worth mark on my forehead. I should have come to expect this. I’d like to kick him in the ass with my new pair of Ugg boots. Dude, they’re for guys too… Shut the fuck up! The comic page is run by fascists!