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I’m all about Quinoa

Quinoa  Dude, Quinoa is totally dope.  It’s an Incan grain that we sophisticates eat.  It’s really healthy because it’s a whole protein.  It’s full of vitamins and minerals and other stuff like fiber and niacin.  It’s totally cool becuase you can boil it with cranberries or frankenberries.  I’m eating healitier these days, becuase I think that we would all be better off if we ate more better.  I like quinoa because it’s not processed by the big corporations and filled with corn syrup or shit like that.  I bought some at the organic food market, because I’m not allowed to shop at Whole Foods anymore.  Those people are facsits, because they wouldn’t take my used hat to pay for the eggs I wanted to buy.  I only wore it for a winter and it smells pretty new, and there were only a couple of holes in it.  That, and MacKenzie kicked me in the balls there another time and the manager yelled at me.  So yeah, I went to the organic market and it was totally dank.  I bought some pachouli oil too so I can smell as slacker as I look.